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Name:Destina Raquel Alvarez
Birthdate:Feb 3
Destina Raquel Alvarez, known to most of her family and friends as "Des," was born and raised in the Bronx, in a Spanish ghetto where she and younger brother Jax were raised by a single mother with the help of her parents. Their dad was a drug dealer and a petty criminal who spent most of their lives in and out of jail. Des can probably count on one hand the number of her birthdays that her dad was around for, and after she got old enough to understand, she realized that might have been for the best anyway. Growing up in a rough area, Des became tough as nails from a young age, and has always been extremely protective of Jax.

As the pair got older, Des got involved with the wrong crowd, and unfortunately, fell right in line into her father's footsteps, not so much with the petty theft, but with drugs. She became heavily addicted to cocaine after a few too many nights partying way too hard with her friends, and from there, it became a pretty constant battle. She somehow managed to graduate high school despite it all, but after the fact, her life became a downward spiral of drug use. It was at a club one night where her brother Jax was stabbed that Des got the wake up call she needed. She was high out of her mind when the stabbing occurred, and in her addled state, she saw what happened to her brother, knew it was happening, but was so trashed that she couldn't do anything to help him.

While her brother was recovering from his injuries, Des made the decision to check into rehab, and after a couple failed attempts, was finally able to get clean. It was a struggle for many years to stay clean, but after a while, she began to get much stronger in her sobriety, and made the decision that, thanks to her new lease on life, she wanted to be able to help others find their own. She went to school for a degree in social work and counseling, and when she graduated, scored a place at Mt. Sinai as a drug counselor. In the meantime, Jax was getting his own life together, and the pair have become closer than ever.

Des remains single for the time being, more likely to sleep around than to settle down, but she isn't opposed to the idea if she finds the right guy. In the past, she's just had the unfortunate downside of the guys she dated being too nice, which is a total turnoff, especially when it extends into the bedroom. She can be a bitch, and she's definitely kind of into the badass type, so guys like that don't do it for her. She just hasn't ever quite found the medium she's looking for of a guy with that personality, but still willing to settle down.
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